Five traits of a great photographer

These are some of my favorite family photos from my absolute favorite photographer. I have had the opportunity to know her as a friend and watch her gift as a photographer grow from a hobby to a business.   1.Her Personality I consider her my favorite photographer not only because she is a friend but…… Continue reading Five traits of a great photographer

Mommin aint easy Monday

I am updating our home as time, finances and the kids allow. The kids are a big factor in this since they are always so busy. 😂 This week in motherhood the kids were quite busy causing mischief, especially the youngest of the three. This is why we cant have nice things! My youngest (20 months)…… Continue reading Mommin aint easy Monday

Make time for family night

Wither it’s 20 minutes a day, an hour a week or an entire day, time all gathered together is a must and here’s why: 1.)  It is important to take time make memories together in order too form strong family bonds now and for the future. Friendships are very important as well, but family night needs…… Continue reading Make time for family night

How to: Make a Date night jar

Sometimes being a parent or even just a busy couple can keep you from spending quality time with your significant other. This is just a simple Idea to help you remember to make time for whats important in life, each other. Dont make an excuse! It doesn’t all have to be stuff that costs money…… Continue reading How to: Make a Date night jar

MOMin ain’t easy Monday 7

Indelible:  If you see the word "indelible" on a marker it means it's permanent and you shouldn't let your kids draw on themselves with it. Lesson learned.

The 5 best Moms on Youtube and social media

  1. IMOMSOHARD IMOMSOHARD is a youtube channel by fellow wine lovers and moms; Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley. The duo both originally from Nebraska, lived in the same town,attended the same high school, but never met until years later while living and performing comedy in LA. It’s hard being a mom for sure, but…… Continue reading The 5 best Moms on Youtube and social media

Our December family bucket list

Holiday season really is such an amazing time of year and there are so many fun activities to do as a family, especially since the kiddos are out of school. Our family has a December bucket list. A list of December activities- movies, activities, games, art projects. You can really have fun makeing these lists!…… Continue reading Our December family bucket list