Make time for family night

Wither it’s 20 minutes a day, an hour a week or an entire day, time all gathered together is a must and here’s why:

1.)  It is important to take time make memories together in order too form strong family bonds now and for the future. Friendships are very important as well, but family night needs to be family exclusive and family focused. No friends. No devices. Just focus on what you’re doing with your kids and spouse. Take time to talk about one another’s day, joke together, learn together, eat together. One day you children will grow up, and if you don’t make time for them now, they wont have time for you later in life either. It is also a good time for siblings to form friendships as well.
2.) This gives you a chance to be an influence in your child’s life. There are a lot of influences on kids these days ( school, friends, social media, TV, video games, ect.). It’s good to have time away from all of this as a family to share your values, be a positive influence on your child and strengthen the family as a core.
Heres some of our family night ideas: 




2 thoughts on “Make time for family night

  1. A well deserved written post.. time flies, things happen and then we look back and reflect on the shoulda, woulda, couldas and then have regrets…. take time and make it quality time with your family…because in never know…


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