How to paint tile floor-the right way!

I posted previously on how I FAILED at painting my tile floor.I did this because it is just as important to learn from failure as it is from success. I did not rush to re-do this project I just kinda took my bruised ego back to the drawing board ( aka Pinterest) and did some…… Continue reading How to paint tile floor-the right way!

Mommin aint easy Monday

I am updating our home as time, finances and the kids allow. The kids are a big factor in this since they are always so busy. 😂 This week in motherhood the kids were quite busy causing mischief, especially the youngest of the three. This is why we cant have nice things! My youngest (20 months)…… Continue reading Mommin aint easy Monday

Make time for family night

Wither it’s 20 minutes a day, an hour a week or an entire day, time all gathered together is a must and here’s why: 1.)  It is important to take time make memories together in order too form strong family bonds now and for the future. Friendships are very important as well, but family night needs…… Continue reading Make time for family night

5 Favorite Farmhouse designers of Instagram

I take alot of home design inspirations from instagram these days-beautiful homes, pictures, and ideas. So if you’re looking for some design inspirations yourself you might want to check these ladies out. 1.) Casa_williams  Absolutely beautiful home and stunning photos of her 1960’s farmhouse renovation its no wonder she has well over 1000 followers. I…… Continue reading 5 Favorite Farmhouse designers of Instagram

Bathroom toiletry holder

I’m doing small updates around the house as budget, time and kids allow. This project was mostly completed during nap time today. It cost me nothing since I had all the supplies already. This was a rectangle box my husband had built for me to hold the toilet paper on the back of the toilet.…… Continue reading Bathroom toiletry holder

How to: Make a Date night jar

Sometimes being a parent or even just a busy couple can keep you from spending quality time with your significant other. This is just a simple Idea to help you remember to make time for whats important in life, each other. Dont make an excuse! It doesn’t all have to be stuff that costs money…… Continue reading How to: Make a Date night jar

How to turn your old hall light into an industrial farmhouse light fixture

I consider my home style to be industrial farmhouse so in efforts to mimic the style I love I updated our hall light fixture. It looked fine before but was fairly plain and didn’t go with the industrial farmhouse theme I wanted. So here’s what I did and it cost me $0.00!! Below is a…… Continue reading How to turn your old hall light into an industrial farmhouse light fixture