How to: Make a Date night jar

Sometimes being a parent or even just a busy couple can keep you from spending quality time with your significant other. This is just a simple Idea to help you remember to make time for whats important in life, each other. Dont make an excuse! It doesn’t all have to be stuff that costs money sometimes Netflix and chill nights are the best nights!


I used popsicle sticks to write the ideas on. I  wrote ideas down on half of my sticks and left the other half blank with a pen so we could also add to our date night jar. I listed all of the ideas we have on our sticks on the sheet below.




This Is our date night Jar. It is a mason jar I added some black string too and used a chalkboard sticker to put on the front that I got from Wal-Mart (A pack of 10 was like 1.37) I used my red paint pen to write “Date Night” on the front.







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