Five traits of a great photographer

These are some of my favorite family photos from my absolute favorite photographer. I have had the opportunity to know her as a friend and watch her gift as a photographer grow from a hobby to a business.   1.Her Personality I consider her my favorite photographer not only because she is a friend but…… Continue reading Five traits of a great photographer

MOMin ain’t easy Monday 7

Indelible:  If you see the word "indelible" on a marker it means it's permanent and you shouldn't let your kids draw on themselves with it. Lesson learned.

MOMin ain’t easy Monday 5

  Our girls (3 years and 18mo.) are beyond exhausting on a daily basis. Very busy, very curious and when they work together are Trouble! One afternoon all three kids were in the living room. I went to the bathroom for five minutes tops! Come back and my step son was the only one watching…… Continue reading MOMin ain’t easy Monday 5

10 reasons why a 15 minute to the store now takes 2 hours with a toddler

  My husband frequently tells me he doesn’t understand why it always takes so long for a “quick trip” to the store when taking our toddler girls with us. This is the top 10 reasons why a trip  to  the  store  that use to take me 15 minutes now  takes me 40 minutes to an…… Continue reading 10 reasons why a 15 minute to the store now takes 2 hours with a toddler

Mommin ain’t easy monday 4

So I decided too cut little Winstons hair, it was getting too long. So I thought I got this. I’ve watched it enough, it doesn’t look too hard (I think this with most of my diy projects I have no experience with). So I went too get the electric shaver but couldn’t find any of…… Continue reading Mommin ain’t easy monday 4

Dr.Seuss Themed kids birthday

For my daughters first birthday we decorated our home in a Dr.Seuss theme. We made a “thing 1” cake for the guests and a smaller “thing 2” cake for her smash cake. Truffula tree cupcakes pictured above. All of the signs were printables. The red and blue background hangig on the wall were dollar store…… Continue reading Dr.Seuss Themed kids birthday

Superhero themed kids Birthday

     I was most proud of my work on the superheroes birthday party for my step-son. I had worked for months to cutout the city-silhouette backdrop out of black painted cardboad and glueing on little yellow squares for windows. Making all of the extas for the party by hand so we didnt go crazy…… Continue reading Superhero themed kids Birthday