Kitchen wall chalkboard accent


Welcome back! It’s been a little while since I’ve posted the winter holidays usually keep me very busy. And as much as I love them I’m glad they are over for this year.

This kitchen wall chalkboard accent has turned out to be my favorite project that I’ve done recently and here’s why: its simple, I like to change things frequently with new ideas or seasonal changes and this is perfect since  all I have to do is erase and start over !

I decided to draw this the other day with a little bit of chalk fueled by a little bit of wine. I love life centered around the kitchen with food family and music! so for now my kitchen is for dancing!



5 thoughts on “Kitchen wall chalkboard accent

  1. You are really creative and productive and talented honey. I cant do much with one toddler you can do more with three. And the hand writing is showing your talent. I once made one but couldnt write so beautifully.


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