How to paint tile floor-the right way!

I posted previously on how I FAILED at painting my tile floor.I did this because it is just as important to learn from failure as it is from success.

I did not rush to re-do this project I just kinda took my bruised ego back to the drawing board ( aka Pinterest) and did some more research. Plus I knew I was going to have to remove the remainder of the failed paint job and I kinda dreaded the idea of that.

Removing all of the paint from attempt #1.

What I used:

Zinster primer

Paint brushes


Concrete sealer

White linen chalk paint

Grey chalk paint

Painter’s tape


  • Paint two coats of the primer with a paint brush and let dry completely in between coats.
  • Paint two layers of your base color over the primer (for me it was grey) and let dry completely between coats.
  • NOTE:wear socks while walking on your painted floor while working on it. The dirt from your feet tends to rub off on the paint before its sealed.
  • Apply painters tape to the edges of your stencil to hold it in place and use your other color (linen white) to roll on with a foam roller over your stencil.
  • Let dry completely
  • Apply concrete sealer and wait 2 hours and apply another coat of the sealer. Then let the floor cure for at least 24 hours with no foot traffic.

It has been about a 2 months in our main bathroom that everyone uses (kids, husband, dog, visitors) and it has held up beautifully. Not one chip in the paint or yellowing in color.


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