Bathroom toiletry holder

I’m doing small updates around the house as budget, time and kids allow. This project was mostly completed during nap time today. It cost me nothing since I had all the supplies already.

This is what I started with

This was a rectangle box my husband had built for me to hold the toilet paper on the back of the toilet. It served the purpose well but needed a little dressing up to go with our vantage farmhouse home decor.

charcoal chalk paint and antique oak wood stain

I rubbed the wood down with the antique oak wood stain, let it dry and did another coat of stain. I used an old t-shirt to do this.

I did not wait for the second layer of stain to dry. I then used the same old t-shirt to rub some of the charcoal paint in a few random spots along the piece. just to add some depth and aged look.

Before my paint had time to completely dry (I waited 5-10 minutes) I went over the piece with the neutral wax and then with the dark wax. this rubbed off some of the stain and made it look old and worn.  I let this set for a couple of hours.

While I was waiting on my wax to set completely I started working on the handles for the end. The handels I got for 50 cents each from the restore.


I wanted my handles white to contrast with the dark wood so I used some antique white chalk paint I had lying around and applied some of it with a paint brush to the handels (would have used spray paint but I didn’t have any white laying around). I let this dry and sprayed it all with some spray polyurethane. Let this dry.

Then I piloted the holes in the sides of my wood and screws in my handles and there ya have it it’s all done.




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