Bathroom Weekend Demo

So my husband actually was the one who initiated this Reno (which after working on the plumbing for 2 days he probably regrets).


It started Saturday when he went to a city wide garage sale and found a brand new,in the box, never used before tub for $30.00.

While I was at Saturday night he sent me a picture of our partially demolished bathroom. I was really fairly excited since it is a project that has needed tackled for quite some time. A year or so ago I had tried to use epoxy to update our tub and make it a little whiter. This didn’t work out so well seeing as it chipped and has continued chipping off since. Also while doing the tub epoxy I removed but did not immediately replace the caulking between the tub and tub surround. So I was pretty sure there was some mold behind there that would need removed. I was right.


Saturday was the day the project started. My husband removed the old tub surround and the drywall behind the tub surround that did have some mold on it. Also the folks who built the house did not use waterproof drywall like they should have, so it would have needed replaced at some point. He also removed alot of the old wainscoting on the walls by the tub and removed the toilet in order to remove the tub. And in case you have never removed a tub before it’s not an easy task. After about 8 hours off and on, more than a handful of cuss words later the old tub was out. The difficulty with getting the tub out was mostly with not messing up the surrounding tile, plumbing and drywall (which did get a little dinged and needed removed).


The tub is finally out! Now comes the next day full of cuss words and frustration with plumbing the new tub. This is still not done, but a work in progress. Trying to get all the parts you need for the new drain and fauset led to 3 or 4 trips to Menards just trying to get parts. Finally he went to Walmart and got a box of “everything you need for the project”. It didn’t have everything you need. 😩

So has anyone else tried tackling there bathroom Demo over the weekend? What were your hicups?


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