Mommin aint easy Monday

I am updating our home as time, finances and the kids allow. The kids are a big factor in this since they are always so busy. πŸ˜‚ This week in motherhood the kids were quite busy causing mischief, especially the youngest of the three.

This is why we cant have nice things!

My youngest (20 months) is quite the artist and opportunist. We had the carpets upstairs professionally cleaned not even a week prior to “the orange paint fiasco” which makes it that much more heartbreaking. I went to the bathroom leaving her only about 6 minutes to push a chair to the island countertop in the kitchen,  get the paint and spill it throughout the kitchen and livingroom. But 6 minutes was all she needed.



Repurposed kitchen drawers

My youngest of the three has grown up the fastest in order to keep up with the older two. She still lacks the height so in order to get countertop access she has to use household items, chairs, toys, drawers to get what she “needs”.

Dont ask questions you don’t want to know the answer to. 

Cleaning the house is work that’s never really done. It’s more a constant work in progress. The youngest has decided that she is ready to start potty training and has occasional or frequent accidents on the floor depending on how ya want to look at it. The older two (3 & 9) are just careless and sometimes forgetful with their messes. Sometimes I find messes and think “I wonder why this is sticky?” or “I wonder why this is wet?”,  ” “is this water or is this pee?”. If you’re a parent and your asking yourself these questions you probably don’t want to know.
Happy Parenting all!


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