DIY Farmhouse Chandelier

This is the light fixture that sits above our dining room table in the kitchen. It’s not to shabby, but I’m in love with the farmhouse decor. The other updates in theĀ kitchen are in efforts to make our drab kitchen info a farmhouse dream. The light fixture just wasn’t fitting in with all of the…… Continue reading DIY Farmhouse Chandelier

How to make your own happy planner

Oh how I love planners, let me count the ways. Just kidding about the counting but I do love organization and planners. I get a sence of calmness when I have a visual layout of my days, weeks, and months. There are so many planner options available these days. They have evolved into a beautiful…… Continue reading How to make your own happy planner

5 things you need to know about painting furniture the right way

1.) Choose your paint color! What type of paint should I use? Chalk paint! DO NOT USE LATEX PAINT ON FURNITURE! You can buy what ever brand you want and their are several brands available. Or if you cant find the color you want, you can make your own chalk paintšŸ˜® Chalk paint recipe: One…… Continue reading 5 things you need to know about painting furniture the right way

It’s a SIGN

in efforts to beautifyĀ our home I made this sign for our entry way photo wall: I had previously made this sign out of some scarp wood when I was practiceing my hand lettering but wasnt happy with it so it kinda went to waste. So I blue-painters taped the edges because I wanted to leave…… Continue reading It’s a SIGN

Dr.Seuss Themed kids birthday

For my daughters first birthday we decorated our home in a Dr.Seuss theme. We made a “thing 1” cake for the guests and a smaller “thing 2” cake for her smash cake. Truffula tree cupcakes pictured above. All of the signs were printables. The red and blue background hangig on the wall were dollar store…… Continue reading Dr.Seuss Themed kids birthday

rustoleum tub and tile refinishing kit

$20 for a brighter whiter tub?! No way! Our tub and surround was not that bad looking to start off with but the surround was an off white color and the tub was white. It drove me nuts that they didn’t match. So I started this project with the goal of making them both look…… Continue reading rustoleum tub and tile refinishing kit

How I FAILED at painting my tile Floor

Above on the right is the painted tile, on the left is unpainted tile This is an idea I originally saw while scrolling through Pinterest about a year ago. I didn’t put much stock in it though until about a month ago when I got a wild hair and thought: ” oh yeah I can…… Continue reading How I FAILED at painting my tile Floor