How I FAILED at painting my tile Floor

Above on the right is the painted tile, on the left is unpainted tile

This is an idea I originally saw while scrolling through Pinterest about a year ago. I didn’t put much stock in it though until about a month ago when I got a wild hair and thought: ” oh yeah I can do that!” (disclaimer I think this a lot but it doesn’t always pan out).

So I focused my time reading more tutorials on Pinterest to see what others had tried. Several of the tutorials I came across recommend using chalk paint instead of latex paint for the floor and sealed with polyurethane for floors. Sounds easy enough right?

I selected our hallway bathroom floor to tackle. This would be slightly difficult since this is the bathroom our kids and their friends used, so it gets a lot of traffic. Most of the tutorials I read suggested leaving the floor unused to cure for at least 24 hours! Keeping the kids out and the floor untouchable for 24 hours felt like my biggest obstacle.

So I gathered my supplies! I had most of the items i needed but did have to get some polyurethane for floors. I make my own chalk paint with latex paint, 1 tablespoon of plaster of paris, and 2 tablespoons water per qt. Of paint.

  • Polyurethane for floors
  • White chalk paint
  • Charcoal chalk paint
  • Liquid Sander
  • Large roller brush
  • Small foam roller brush
  • Small paint brush (for the cracks)
  • Stencil
  • Blue painters tape (to hold my stencil in place)


  • I cleaned my floors thoroughly with comet and a scrubber so the surface would be ready for painting and let it dry. I applied liquid sander to the floor and let that set for 10 minutes (what the package suggested)


  • I used my small brush to paint the cracks between the tile white then went over the tile with my large roller brush to get good even coverage over my tiles. I had to apply 4 coats of white paint before I had the coverage and look I wanted. Waiting about 45min to an hour between applications.


  •  Once this was done and completely dry I taped my stencil to the white tile. For this part of the process I used the small foam roller to go over my stencil. Also make sure to wear socks. I walked over the painted area in between coats and my feet were a little dirty which left prints on my painted tile, luckily I had not stenciled at that point so I covered it up with more white paint.


  • Let dry completely and then take the small paint brush to fix any blemishes or drops of paint that landed where it was not suppose too.


  • Apply polyurethane for floors. The polyurethane I had said to wait 3-4 hours before application of the second coat, so I did. Then I let the floor cure for 24 hours with minimal traffic.



I will start by telling you this was a fail and here’s where I went wrong:

  • I used polyurethane for floors, but did not read the packaging closely enough where it said it was not clear but would be amber color so it ended up yellowing. I also feel like I should have applied more than two of the coats of the Poly with how much traffic this area gets.
  • I should have left it to set up for MORE than 24 hours to set correctly and thoroughly.
  • I should have manually sanded and/or used a bonding agent before starting my painting process.


I still believe this is something I can do and plan on re-doing the bathroom floor. But for all of the DIY-ers out there I’m just telling you what I did and what I did wrong so you can do better. If anyone has any ideas or has tried this before please let me know for my future re-do!



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