DIY Farmhouse Chandelier


This is the light fixture that sits above our dining room table in the kitchen. It’s not to shabby, but I’m in love with the farmhouse decor.

The other updates in the kitchen are in efforts to make our drab kitchen info a farmhouse dream. The light fixture just wasn’t fitting in with all of the decor changes so we decided to change it.
This is super simple and didn’t even require removing the fixture. Just some TLC and paint.


                                                           Heres how we did it!

1.) I used some Rust-oleum linen white chalk paint and a paint brush to paint the fixture. I let some of the black peak through because I liked it like that.

2.) Remove the glass domes from the fixture and replaced the bulbs with some candelabra or chandelier bulbs.

3.)  Add some clear hanging acrylic crystals  bought from the christmas section at Hobby Lobby ( brand was christmas shoppe) (2.50 for 6! which was perfect because I only needed 5) and tied them on under each bulb. I love the result! It looks so much better than before!

Project complete and I’m loving the finished look!



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