5 things you need to know about painting furniture the right way

1.) Choose your paint color! What type of paint should I use?

Chalk paint! DO NOT USE LATEX PAINT ON FURNITURE! You can buy what ever brand you want and their are several brands available. Or if you cant find the color you want, you can make your own chalk paint😮

Chalk paint recipe:
  • One qt. Latex paint
  • 4-6 tblspoon of Plaster of pairs
  • 4 tablespoons of Water

*Mix ingredients and apply!


2.) Sand your furniture!

You have a few options here as well. You can use sand paper, a power hand sander, or liquid sander that you apply with a lint-free cloth. If the item you are painting has alot of chips and dings you should use sand paper or a hand sander.

3.) Fill any holes with wood filler and sand again.


4. ) make sure your furniture is clean of any residue, sanding leftovers or whatever else might be gumming up your furniture.remove hardware and you’re ready to Start painting!


5.)  Add protective coat!

You can use furniture wax or  rub on polyurethane. How do you cloose? Well its up to you for the most part. If its a piece that will be getting alot of use (like our kitchen island) use polyurethane! It is a little bit more durable and makes cleaning easier. You can still use wax. Just make sure to go over it with polyurethane after.

Painting furniture may seem like a challenge, but it’s really not as scary as you think. This is the piece I started with:


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