rustoleum tub and tile refinishing kit

$20 for a brighter whiter tub?! No way! Our tub and surround was not that bad looking to start off with but the surround was an off white color and the tub was white. It drove me nuts that they didn’t match. So I started this project with the goal of making them both look bright and whiteand a little bit newer with minimal investment!


  • Rustoleum Tub and Tile refinishing kit
  • Paint brush
  • Roller brush
  • Paint pan (for the roller)


    1. I cleaned my surface with a scrub pad and comet from the dollar store. I scrubbed thoroughly once, rinsed the tub and scrubbed again.
    2. I towel dried my tub and tub surround then applied liquid sander to the entire tub and surround. I waited 10 min (per instructions of liquid sander).
    3. I mixed my products like the tub and tile refinishing kit instructions said.I started application of the product with a brush for the cracks and areas that the roller would not reach well.
    4.  I had to work in 5 min. Increments because of the very strong odor of the product.


    • I am all for skiping steps or trying to get buy a little cheaper on a project BUT If you choose to do this project spend the extra money (about 15.00) and get the respirator from your home store (home depot,lowes,ect.) it is extremely fumey stuff.I did not get the respirator and just used the mask and really wish i did. Instead I would work for 5 min and take a break. And ended up tieing a pillowcase around my nose and mouth for extra protection. We do not have a bathroom window, only a fan and it didnt seem to help much. By the end of the project I had all of the windows open to ventilate the whole house!
    • Personally the fumes were so overpowering I would not choose to tackle this project again, but I was happy with the result.If you choose to do this project yourself please take some extra time and money on a respirator and a fan to help remove the fumes from your bathroom! It will make the project 10 times easier I promise!
    • Also I felt like it would have been nice to have a little extra product. Towards the end I could have used that extra little bit to get the coverage I wanted. But the box also says it will only have enough for two coats on the tub OR surround so I can’t complain seeing as I did both.



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