Spray Painting bathroom fixtures

I love expensive things, but we don’t have the budget to support it right now, and we may never. I also knew what I wanted,  and accepting that I can’t have the look I want because we couldn’t afford was also not an answer I was willing to accept.

I wanted bronze colored bathroom fixtures, but they are so expensive! Even if we could have afforded them I then would have had to talk my husband into taking out the old and putting in the new. Sigh, So to pinterest I went for some help. I found several people who had just used spray paint which seemed more in our budget! The pictures I had seen looked like others who had tried this method had success So I went to menards to get my supplies and this is what I did:


  • Rustoleum bronze spray paint ($4.00)
  • High heat spray paint primer (7.00)
  • Rustoleum clear protective coat ($ 3.00)
  • Painters tape (had it already)
  • Plastic drop cloths ($0.79)


  1. Cleaned my surface with soap and water to remove any dirt prior to painting.
  2. I taped around my fixtures, ripping off small pieces of blue tape and taping in a circle around my fixtures.
  3. Taped the plastic drop cloth around my fixtures making sure not to leave any holes where paint might accidentally spray on my tub or tub surround. I sprayed 2 coats of the primer. Make sure to turn on the vent or open a window, its pretty strong stuff. Then i closed the door and let it sit for a few hours for a couple of reasons; first i didn’t want to work with the strong odor, second i wanted to give the primer a chance to dry completely.

  1. Then I sprayed 2 coats of the bronze color paint And let this dry for an hour.


    It all turned out pretty well. I will post pictures after a month and after a year to see how it actually holds up long-term. All in told I spent around $15.00.


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