Kid’s School Lunch Station

So this year we will have two kids in grade school and in two years we’ll have all three kids in school. And if you have kids in school you know how expensive school lunch can be. It’s close to $100 a month per child. So with both kids that’s $200 a month just for…… Continue reading Kid’s School Lunch Station

Bathroom Weekend Demo

So my husband actually was the one who initiated this Reno (which after working on the plumbing for 2 days he probably regrets). PRE-DEMO It started Saturday when he went to a city wide garage sale and found a brand new,in the box, never used before tub for $30.00. While I was at Saturday night…… Continue reading Bathroom Weekend Demo

Lost and Found

I took a very long break from writing on my blog, but also from crafting and DIY projects. I had deleted all of my pintrest boards and just needed a fresh pallet to find my place and start again. My heart just wasn’t in it anymore. I started working alot of extra hours at the…… Continue reading Lost and Found