Cheap simple DIY curtains- no sew!

Curtains can be quite pricey depending on what it is that you want most are anywhere from $11-$22 per panel. And if you like the floor length curtains you’re looking at even more. Depending on how many windows you have in your home this can quickly add up making it seem impossible to dress your windows.

But I have a solution for you!

I am not a seamstress. I do not know how to sew, infant I don’t even own a sewing machine. So making my own curtains was out of the question. Even if I could sew my own curtains fabric itself can also be somewhat costly when you think about how much fabric you need for a curtain panel. So what were my options? I turned to pinterest because it’s my go to for decor conundrums and I found a great Idea!

By going to Wal-Mart and investing in the cheap mainstays brand twin flat sheets . Note: make sure they are flat, in all of my excitement I accidentally got fitted and had to go back and exchange for fitted ones. these sheets are 4.97 a piece and are perfect length to make floor length curtains! They also have a variety of colors and patterns available. I choose cream for the room I was working on.

But how? you ask…Well let me tell you!
Mainstays curtain panel from walmart

With no sewing necessary at all, and only a pair of scissors!! The hemmed part  of the fitted sheet typically placed at the top of the bed is the part we will be working on. It is two-ply you will take the back part (which ever part you will have hanging facing the window) of the two ply and make slits with your scissors equal length apart across the entire hemmed area. You then take your curtain rod and weave it through the slits you have cut in your hem. Weaving it through the slits this way will give it a pleated look so it looks more like curtains.and there ya have it, curtains for $4.97 a panel without sewing.

cut the slits/holes in the top of the sheet
weave curtain rod through slits


This room and arangement is still a work in progress, but the curtains look great!!



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