10 reasons why a 15 minute to the store now takes 2 hours with a toddler



My husband frequently tells me he doesn’t understand why it always takes so long for a “quick trip” to the store when taking our toddler girls with us.

This is the top 10 reasons why a trip  to  the  store  that use to take me 15 minutes now  takes me 40 minutes to an hour:

1. She has to touch every box on the diaper  display  before we can move  on.

2. They put far too many toys level to my daughter’s  height  making  them easily  accessible, and my toddler hard to move.

3. She is very concerned with the dead ladybug she found on the floor  and has to lean down to comfort  him mid isle:”it’s OK bug, you dead”…”MOM LOOK!!”

4. she found  a Walmart  sticker that has been stuck to the floor since before I was born and NEEDS to remove  it.

5. She likes to go up to people she doesn’t  know  and talk to them. Adults, kids, who ever. And tell them her name and whatever shes thinking of at that moment.

6. We make the mistake  of  walking  by the shoe or toy isle from which we may never return.

7. She’s  bored and starts running  and playing  hide and go seek in the clothing section.shes short.she wins.

8. She needs to go to the bathroom…. across  the store…  right now.

9. She needs a nap and is emotionally  upset  about  everything, making  it  difficult  to function. And sometimes decides to stop in the middle of the store. Lay down  mid isle and take a nap.

10. She has to push the cart. Which is challenging and time consuming when you have short legs and the cart is taller than she is. Did I mention she doesn’t want any help pushing it? As she runs into people and displays.

Each of these hiccups can take 5 to 10 minutes  to  redirect  and we haven’t  even  got what we came to the store for yet.And i’m hopeful that I can even remember by then what exactly I came to the store to get. Before I had children of my own I can remember so many times where I swore I wasn’t going to be: “that parent”, who’s kid was screaming bloody murder because they didn’t get what they want. Well jokes on me I am “that parent”. Unfortunately at that time I didn’t realize that those parents were not bad parents. They simply had young unruly children who did not want to hear the word no, or had a hard time regaining focus. Happy Parenting to all of the moms and dads out there taking a little extra time at the store being patient with their kiddos!



3 thoughts on “10 reasons why a 15 minute to the store now takes 2 hours with a toddler

  1. Oh how I remember those days..lol.. It’s funny how husbands think we can still run in and run out..smh..(put the “W” on your chest for wonderwoman). It’s so funny because at that age they want to do everything and you have reason with them till they realize- they need help and that process alone can take up to 15 mins. But – enjoy the moments, because they don’t last long.. I remember it like yesterday and now my sons are 27&26 and still wonder where did the time go..


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