The 5 best Moms on Youtube and social media



IMOMSOHARD is a youtube channel by fellow wine lovers and moms; Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley. The duo both originally from Nebraska, lived in the same town,attended the same high school, but never met until years later while living and performing comedy in LA. It’s hard being a mom for sure, but kristen and Jen find alot of humor in it and discuss all of the things most people dont talk about like spanks and nipple hair. The comedic pair is something you should check out if you havent already seen their wildly funny videos pop up on your facebook feed.


Kristina Kuzmic is one of those moms that does it all! Shes a blogger, vlogger, public speaker, wife and mother of three and also a contestant winner on the reality show “opras search for the next TV star”. She is charasmatic and hilarious.


Meredith Masony of the youtube channel “thats inappropriate” is a work from home mom, vlogger and blogger. She is 100% relatable and addresses the “inappropriate” side of motherhood and marriage.


4.) MyLifesuckers

Image result for Deva Dalporto

MyLife suckers is a youtube channel brought to you by Deva Dalporto who does mom parody videos on youtube of popular music.Blogger vlogger and instagrammer has incredible video parodys she produces with her friends and kiddos and is deffinately worth a check out and will give a good laugh!

5.) WhatsUpMoms

Image result for whatsupmoms

Whatsupmoms is the #1 parenting channel on youtube . WOW thats impresive with 35 million viewers. This very popular youtube channel. The goal of this vlog is to inspire, inform and make you laugh. These moms provide a vast amount of information and life hacks to help you through those tough moments in mothehood like sick kids and vomit clean up (ugh).


Being a mom is hard (probably harder than you thought) It is endlessly rewarding and also the reason you have grey hair (got my first the other day.sad day) But these amazing moms in social media remind us to take a step back, laugh at ourselves and enjoy the ride.




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