Mommin ain’t easy monday 4


  • So I decided too cut little Winstons hair, it was getting too long. So I thought I got this. I’ve watched it enough, it doesn’t look too hard (I think this with most of my diy projects I have no experience with). So I went too get the electric shaver but couldn’t find any of the adapters too adjust length. Again I think I got this. So I call Winston into the bathroom and shave a small section. It was sooo short. Fuck I don’t got this, but I’ve gone too far to turn back.

  • Near death experience: I was changing my youngest daughters diaper and it was bad it had exploded out the back and into her onsie. To top this off she doesn’t like to wait the 2 min it takes for me to change it so she’s crawling away and the wipes were just out of reach. So I asked Jr. To hand me the wipes please. He complained that it stunk but finally came and handed me the wipes and threw up all over the floor missing me by a hair.


  • I asked my son to go through  his toys and pick out the stuff he wanted to get rid of and put the toys hes getting rid of on his bed. He goes down to his room for an hour and then comes to get me to show what he picked. There were 6 little toys on the bed. 6! Hes a hoarder


  • That moment when you’re trying to spy on your child by listening to the door, but you weren’t listening good enough and they surprise you by opening the door to go get a drink of water and you try to run into the playroom and hide so they dont realize you were listening to their door, but you trip on all the toys, fall down and then try to explain you were cleaning in the dark. yeah that just happened.


  • (as my husband assembles furniture )

ME: ugh why do they make furniture ‘assembly required’?

HUSBAND: they do molly, its called expensive furniture, this is cheap and from Walmart.


Happy Parenting!



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