Five traits of a great photographer

These are some of my favorite family photos from my absolute favorite photographer. I have had the opportunity to know her as a friend and watch her gift as a photographer grow from a hobby to a business.


dsc_0725-edit1.Her Personality

I consider her my favorite photographer not only because she is a friend but because of the incredible work she continually produces, her incredible work ethic and her charismatic good-natured  and personable disposition that makes her very easy to be yourself around. She is a people person others just seem to gravitate too.

2. Working well with small children

Having a family of 5 can be difficult to work with and photograph in the best circumstances making sure everyone is looking at the camera, not blinking or crying. My children add an extra dimension to this with how continually busy and wild they are. Making it slightly more difficult, but she has never batted an eye at this challenge in fact she has only managed to rise to the challenge with continued patience finding humor in the chaos. She has photographed my family many times and will many more times I am sure. I would not trust anyone else to capture our memories for us.

It is amazing she was able to get even one amazing shot from this day, the temperature was 100 plus outside and the humidity made it worse. My husband was asking if she could photo shop sweat

3. She never makes me wait for a finished product or a sneak peek

She has always gotten finished work emailed to me usually within a week and provides a sneak peek within a day or so. She understands how excited I get to see all of her amazing work! with how talented and busy she is I would fully understand if she needed to take more time to edit but she must be incredible at time management.


This photo was taken in the hospital after the birth of my youngest daughter.

4. She is willing to get the candid shots

Dont get me wrong she has always been good with the posed family photos and I’ve never been disappointed with those at all (as you can tell by the photos I’ve put in this post) , but I have a soft spot for the candid shots. When my children are being themselves. Their real smiles not just when they are posing, but when they are laughing and showing their personality.


This is the very first family photo she was able to capture for us and it still proudly hangs on our wall.

5. She is passionate about what she does and she is a natural!

she has an eye for good composition, lighting, and the right angles. Some people are just good at what they do. They are so passionate about what they do it just seems that it comes natural. That they have a gift. This is Felisha Meadows, She has an eye for what works, she has a gift. Even early on in her career you could tell she was meant to do this.



Felisha Meadows with husband Arron


About Meadowland photography

It has been amazing watching this woman and her gift. I am continually impressed with the work she produces, not only with my family but others as well. If you would like more Family Photo Ideas, to learn more about the photographer, or just like looking at great photos. You can check her out at:

her Facebook page: at

or follow her on instagram at: nov12399


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