Chickens CAN NOT swim

  Orchelans was having their “chick days”, where you can go into the farm goods store and buy baby chickens. Baby chickens are awfully cute and hard to pass up so we decided to try our luck with chickens.we bought 5 adorable baby chicks. The kids were absolutely extatic and could barely contain themselves. Neither…… Continue reading Chickens CAN NOT swim

Mr.Mom Jr. -mom and son trade places for a day

  I was on day 2 of my 3 day stretch at work. I was exhausted and trying to catch a cat nap on the couch while the kids used me as a jungle gym and watched a movie. Jr., my son nicely folds a blanket that had been strewn across the living room floor,…… Continue reading Mr.Mom Jr. -mom and son trade places for a day

Ducking Fail!

We’ve had ducks as pets before. Some have lived longer than others. Moby duck had lived longer than all the others, almost two years! He lived in the pig pen which probably contributed to his long life. They were like the odd tripod. Our kids would joke Moby duck was confused and thought he was…… Continue reading Ducking Fail!