Chickens CAN NOT swim



Orchelans was having their “chick days”, where you can go into the farm goods store and buy baby chickens. Baby chickens are awfully cute and hard to pass up so we decided to try our luck with chickens.we bought 5 adorable baby chicks. The kids were absolutely extatic and could barely contain themselves.

Neither me or my husband had any experience raising chickens. The guy at the store who sold us the chicks told us what we needed; food, water, heat lamp, a place to keep them (like a storage tub), some wood chips. He reassured us we would be fine it was really easy.

We decided to set them up with a small temporary home in a storage box in the garage. It had a heat lamp, food bowl, water bowl and was lined with old newspaper. We figured we could keep them there untill their feathers came in so they could transition to life outside.

This is the most important part of the story. We filled them up a decent size bowl of food and water so they could have everything little chicks need. A couple of the chicks liked to pertch on the edge of the bowl to get a drink. Seemed harmless at the time. Until one day one chick lost his footing.

My husband was working downstairs in the garage. My son was downstairs with my hubby watching the chicks, I was upstairs cleaning. The front door swings open as Jr. frantically races up the stairs towards me in complete panic: “Momma! come quick! The chicken fell in the water and needs help! He needs CPR! You’re a doctor momma! Help him!”

“I’m not a doctor I just work at a hospital bubba and if the chicken needs CPR it’s probably not gonna make it.”

But he insisted I go with him so down to the garage we went to rescue the chick. I went downstairs anticipating to see a dead chick in the cage. What I saw next still makes me chuckle and left me speachless.

My 6’5″ husband was standing in the middle of the garage giving the baby chick CPR (including breaths with chest rise and compressions.  Jr. Is still tugging at me telling me to help the chick;  “bub, your dad is doing all that can be done. I didn’t know you could give a chicken CPR”. The chick actually lived after several rounds of CPR. I had never seen such a thing.

CHICKS CAN’T SWIM! they cant swim! They like to drink water, but absolutely without a doubt no swimming.



2 thoughts on “Chickens CAN NOT swim

  1. Thanks for this! It made me and my wife laugh. Not the chick-drowning part of course, but the heroic effort on your husband’s part to leave no chick behind. That’s probably the only situation where you would be amused to see him with his lips on another chick…
    We’ll keep his poultry CPR in mind the next time we see one of our ducklings in distress.


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