Ducking Fail!

We’ve had ducks as pets before. Some have lived longer than others. Moby duck had lived longer than all the others, almost two years! He lived in the pig pen which probably contributed to his long life. They were like the odd tripod. Our kids would joke Moby duck was confused and thought he was a pig. He loved people and even let us put him in a harness and leash.

One day Moby was gone. I’m guessing he got eaten by a fox or owl, but i told the kids he probably flew away.

Time passed, and then one day my husband saw a craigslist ad for 7 baby ducks for $20.00. Needless to say we brought all 7 of them home. They were so cute. We were going to leave them in the dog crate we brought them home in for the night. But later that night I had a beer and thought to myself. I bet they want a cool little ducky play area with a pond and slide. I mean 7 little ducks wouldn’t want to be all cramped up would they?!
Step 1: So I decided to fill a baby pond and put a slide. It was neat I was feeling pretty proud of myself at this point.

Step 2: release ducklings into the nicely made duck playground in the outdoor dog kennel from the dog crate. The next part of the story I should have seen comming but sadly did not.


Step 3: chase ducks (slightly buzzed at this point from the beer). They were so tiny they easily fit through the chain link on the outside dog kennel. Now if you’ve ever chased ducks before you know this is not easy! The chase lasted almost an hour and spanned three neighbors yards. Needless to say this was a fail and i lost all 7 ducks. I told the kids what happened the next day and told them that they probably didn’t survive the night on their own. Later that day 5 little ducks wondered back into our yard.




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