Kitchen wall chalkboard accent

Welcome back! It’s been a little while since I’ve posted the winter holidays usually keep me very busy. And as much as I love them I’m glad they are over for this year. This kitchen wall chalkboard accent has turned out to be my favorite project that I’ve done recently and here’s why: its simple,…… Continue reading Kitchen wall chalkboard accent

Kitchen Remodel

The decision to makeover the kitchen came from the importance of the kitchen to our family. We cook 95% of our meals (Eating out is a rarity) and cooking while talking about life is a daily event, homework is done at the kitchen table, it is the center of our home. So I wanted it…… Continue reading Kitchen Remodel

Burlap sack kitchen window curtain

The burlap potato sac was thrown away. We rescued it and for about a year it sat forgotten about in the basement untill now! I’m a big fan of that vantage farmhouse feel, and we were in need of a curtain over our kitchen window. Perfect fit right? I thought so!

DIY Farmhouse Chandelier

This is the light fixture that sits above our dining room table in the kitchen. It’s not to shabby, but I’m in love with the farmhouse decor. The other updates in the¬†kitchen are in efforts to make our drab kitchen info a farmhouse dream. The light fixture just wasn’t fitting in with all of the…… Continue reading DIY Farmhouse Chandelier

Bathroom Bathtowel hanger- railroad ties+pallet wood

This project required some assistance from my husband for assembly. We got four old railroad ties and a piece of old pallet board. I painted the board white. My husband attached the railroad ties which I sprayed with some protective sealer spray paint from Rustoleum. This is the the end result! 

Hallway Gallery Wall

I just wanted to try something new and bold so I decided to paint our boring wall at the endf the hall  in Benjamin Moore’s Gentelmans Grey. I thought it would make a nice bold accent/gallery wall. I’m not sure how I feel about the layout yet, but I love the color.

Mirror Makeover

I bought this black mirror from target 8+ years ago and have used it ever since. But lately I've really felt like I found my style and in accordance with this have decided to change a lot around the house. This mirror update is one of many. I started by removing the mirror from the… Continue reading Mirror Makeover