This blog as a way to share DIY projects around the house, crafts, and tutorials that anybody can do on any size budget. My goal is to be a resource for others who are passionate about design and want to beautify their home as well. Even if you don’t have the budget you think you need to make your dream house I promise you, you can!

For a long time I waited for the “right time” or more money to buy the things I needed to create my dream home. In this case and in life you can’t wait for your dreams to come to you, you have to get up and go get em’! Take a leap, try something new and make it happen! Dreams don’t work unless you do.

We are currently working on our very dated 1970’s split level home to give it a more french country farmhouse feel. The projects I do for my family, and around our home are either free or cheap. I would like this blog to be a resource for others who want to achieve their home design and crafting goals! Believe me, I have three small children and I know sometimes it may seem impossible, but it’s not. I am here to show you anything is possible.

Our 1970’s work in progress
If you love affordable DIY-projects with big impact, handmade gifts and crafts with a dash of parenting-humor then this blog is for you.

I am a self-taught designer who is still learning, but sharing as I learn. I spend my spare time raising my three beautiful children and continuing to learn about design while using what I learn to update my home. I consider myself a very upbeat and positive person who likes to motivate others to feel the same. Home decor, organization, and design is my number one passion along with my family and kiddos. I love paint! All the different color choices and the dramatic difference that comes from a fresh coat. I love shopping at little antique stores and am a die-hard garage sale fanatic.


My name is Molly Cragg, mother of three, and this is my home design adventure!Please follow my blog  cragg house and join me on the adventure!



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