Using Paint to turn a plain wall into a faux shiplap wall

I have fallen head over heels for fixer-upper stars chip and joanna Gains. They have such a gift in giving old and antiqe farmhouse look new life. And if you watch the show you know Joanna Gains signature is shiplap. 

I love the shiplap look and the added intrest it gives a wall. 

But whoa! Road block: I cant afford to buy shiplap, and I’m not sure if I could recruit my husband to do the labor of the install. Rats! Back to the drawing board (aka Pinterest!). 

And with my shiplap dreams crushed I found it. The idea to paint the wall to look like shiplap planks…hmm.. Could it really work?!

Well it worked and heres what I did:

Olive green wall in kitchen (what I started with)

I started with this olive green wall in my kitchen. I taped off the area where I would be painting a large chalkboard area so I didnt use more paint than needed unnecessarily. 

I had to do a couple coats of white in order to cover the green completely, but the above picture is what it looked like after one coat.

So while I let my coat of white paint dry I used chalkboard paint to paint my taped off area and went back for another coat of white.

Then it was time to tape off sections like planks leaving a small crack inbetween tape to dab on the black paint.

  • note: I did not let the white dry completely when I started my tape lines. I did this only because I lack patients, but it actually gave a really cool effect when I removed my tape lines.

I used a sponge to dab on the black paint in between my painters tape. I dabbed it because i wanted some areas to be darker and some lighter. Gave it a little more depth.

Then I started removing my painters tape. Because I did not wait for my white paint to dry completely before applying the tape some of the white paint was also pulled off with the tape. 

It you look above you can see where the white paint kinda came off with the tape. This area is not a finished product but you get the idea!


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