Simple Sunday-Cheap and easy updates for the house


Before spray paint and after

Update the celing fan for under 20$

Oh the celing fan. I love the air circulation but they can be a real eyesore (kinda like my bad phone

 I used Rustoleum black spray paint (5.00 for 2 cans). I used rustoleum spraypaint for two reasons: (1.) it was paint and primer in one, (2.) it gives good coverage with less coats. Also if you’re not removing the fan to paint, the 99 cent spray paint leaks horribly from the tip when spraying upward (learned this the hard way trying to be cheap). 

Spray paint from a cheap cans that leaked on my hands

Other than that I used old trash bags and painters tape and taped off my celing to protect the celing from spray paint, and stuck cotton balls in the light socket to protect where my bulbs would screw back in when I was done.

Cotton ball in light bulb socket

I used edison bulbs which were about 3.00 each at Menards. Kinda expensive for light bulbs,  but really gave it the rustic industrial feel I was looking for. 

Finished product

Happy sunday DIY friends



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