Superhero themed kids Birthday




 I was most proud of my work on the superheroes birthday party for my step-son. I had worked for months to cutout the city-silhouette backdrop out of black painted cardboad and glueing on little yellow squares for windows. Making all of the extas for the party by hand so we didnt go crazy on a birthday budget. I rented a little cotrage at the local park to host the party.  

The kiddos were told they could dress as a superheo if they wanted, but weren’t required too. 


  • POP-corn (popcorn)
  • Captain America cupcakes
  • PUNCH! (kool-aid)


  • Superhero color station- I printed off some free printable superhero coloring pages for the kids to color as they started arriving. 
  • Super Smash Bash (Candy pinata)
  • Spider Web station (silly string)- the kids got to have a silly string fight outside ($1.00/can at the $store). After all the string was gone the kids were asked to pick up. The kid that picked up the most silly string would be first to swing at the pinata



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