Simple Sunday- cheap and easy updates around the House

Were trying to do a lot of little updates around the house as our budget and kids allow. Here are just a couple little things we’ve been up too at our house in efforts to add a little vintage bliss and personality.



The kitchen Island

This kitchen Island was actually a curbside special. it was a little rough around the edges needed some paint, some drawers re-attached, and the top had a very damaged eyesore of a tile top that I removed and replaced with cement.I used an off white color for the majority of it. Spray painted the hardware black and went over the body and hardware with polyurethane. I choose to use polyurethane instead of furniture wax just because it was the kitchen and I wanted a little extra protection from sticky hands and spills.


Front yard landscaping

ah the front yard. It wasn’t awful but far from what we wanted for our home. We edged it, mulcted it, and added some plants.It turned out really well but I will warn you if you choose mulch for your garden area it requires a lot of upkeep. This project was done a couple of years ago and has needed new mulch every year, because the old mulch fades. We are planning to re-do this with rock instead of mulch next spring. It is a little more cost for rock but in the long run it’s cheaper since it doesnt need replaced yearly like the mulch.


Laundry room sign

This is easily my favorite project lately.I got the window as a curbside special (my favorite). I and ordered the vynal decal from etsy for $10.00. I had the vynal first and had just put it on the wall, but if I had known I was going to stumble across the window frame I could have applied it directly to the glass which would have been ideal. But I still love it!

 Happy Sunday fellow weekend warriors!



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