A letter to my son- from your step-mother



I am not your biological mother. I never will be. I did not feel you grow in my belly or imagine who you would grow to be. I did not give birth to you, or dream about meeting you for the first time. In fact you were never part of the life I had dreamed of for myself when I dreamt of what my life would be.

I dreamed of  a white picket fence,  married to my high school sweetheart with a big house and lots of land. We would have 4 kids and live happily ever after and never have any problems.This is not a realistic dream, but I was a kid. The truth is life won’t give you your “dream life”. Life will not be the fairy tale that you learned as a kid. It will not be like the movies, and it will not be easy. Life is not easy it is full of challenges and how you face those challenges will define who you become. Remember my son don’t ever give up or lose hope. Because it will be ok and the ending to your story is worth the challenges.

The life you will be given will be better than anything you ever could have dreamed. It will be so good that at times you will not believe it is your life.


I love you more than I thought I ever could, and more than you will ever possibly know. I’m so glad to be a part of your life even on your worst day, so glad I get to watch you grow. God didn’t give me my “dream life, and I’m thankful he didn’t because he gave me so much more. He gave me you! You are so wonderful if I weren’t your step-mother I would still hope that I knew you.

When I met you I had not dreamed of our first encounter. It was not part of my dream or plan, but sometimes when we least expect it life gives us the most amazing gifts we didn’t know we needed. You are one of the most amazing gifts that I have been blessed to have in my life. You are more than any dream I could have had. You have added so many laughs and light to our family. You have been a great helper, and even better big brother and a wonderful loving and caring son. I love you  so much and thankful life didn’t turn out the way I dreamed, because if it did I would have missed out on so much joy! And without you in my life things wouldn’t be the same.


love your step-mother





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