MOMin ain’t easy Monday 2



  • My three and one year old are playing in the three year old daughters closet. Sydnie, the three year old comes out frantically yelling “MOM! MOM!I POOPED!”I knew the answer before I asked. She pooped in the closet. I opened the closet door and Ashlie turns to run away from me, running right through the poop. It was a real shitty deal for all involved.


  • So today I was getting ready for work. The girls were sneaking out of the living room where their dad and brother were watching TV  into the hall bathroom. Where they decided to have a toilet water party because the seat was left up and why not. I opened the door to see toilet water and wet toilet paper everywhere😥😥EVERYWHERE. WHY?!




  • Sydnie switched our milk at lunch because she wanted mine. I went with it because I wanted her to eat lunch.I realized half way through drinking hers why she had switched them. Because she put her ramen noodles in hers😒


Happy Parenting everybody!




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