MOMin ain’t easy 6

Being a parent is a wonderful thing. That being said it is not without its challenges. I post these short stories about my ornery children not out of complaint, but out of enjoyment. I know they are giving me grey hair, but some of this stuff is too good to make up and usually makes me LMFAO. I hope you all enjoy these and get a chuckle as well.




  • Today my husband was drinking from the Milk jug (because he’s a big kid) and felt something clanking around in the almost-empty Jug. Apparently one of the kids put sidewalk chalk in the milk jug while it was sitting out at breakfast.


  • My 3-year-old daughter is crying in the backseat of the van. I ask her why she’s crying, she tells me she is crying because she has tears in her eyes.



Happy Parenting everybody!!



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