MOMing ain’t easy 



Being a mom has far more challenges than I ever could have imagined. That being said there are also infinite rewards as all of the funny things they do and say. Sometimes after a long day, a bad morning or in the stress of the moment it is not humorous, but looking back it actually is. These are just a few. Enjoy! Hope it can make ya laugh or perk up your Monday!

  • Our dogs Sadie and Marley like to chew on the toys the kids leave  out  in the living  room. I don’t  stop  them usually. I explain  it  to  the  kids as natural  selection. They are just weeding  out the toys that  aren’t  strong  enough  to  survive (or make it to your bedrooms).


  • My 8 year old Jr. comes to me one morning  and says “look! I have facial hair!” After close inspection I have to break the news to him: “you don’t have facial hair like a beard, you have tiny hairs all over your face, we all do.” He then continues to tell me very seriously:” yeah you just have to look really  really close…. It’s only like a centimeter long”……. So you’re  telling  me  that  if I look closely  and use my imagination  I’ll  see your  facial hair?


  • We like in Kansas. The summers are hot like what I imagine the pits of hell are like. But I always played outside in the summers. So I figured I should push the kids to go outside to play today. Jr. Without putting forth much effort to look couldn’t find any shoes. Our three year old gladly gets her shoes on. Follows me out the door.No sooner does the door shut behind her she turns around without hesitation to start banging on the door.While trying to turn the handle without luck yelling: “NOOOOO! MOOMM! I DONT LIKE SUNSHINE! IT’S TOO HOTT! LET ME IN! MOOOOMMM!”


Happy Parenting! Have a good week




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